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The jobs you want, in a space you want!

Hello Mama!

How are you? Are you okay? Gosh it’s been a tough year, hasn’t it?

A space you deserve
I wanted to get in touch today to tell you about the new RecruitMum Career site that will be launching in a few weeks. The site will be your dedicated space to find part-time, school hours based work and I am so excited about bringing it to you!


The original RecruitMum site launched a year ago in October 2019 (designed by a local Mum in my area) in what was really my MVP (minimum value product) – an online brochure if you will, which has helped me share the Mum / Work-life balance, struggle and a place where employers could list opportunities with your needs in mind.

The struggle
It’s been a crazy year for me, trying to manage the business in it’s first 1-2 years while holding down a 20-hr per week job myself and parenting an 8 and 5-year-old! So I have lived and breathed the struggle which for that very reason, makes me your biggest advocate and supporter because I know how freakin hard it all is! I was once 8-months pregnant and made redundant from my full-time job and have lost count of the number of jobs I’ve applied for over the years between having kids and moving cities. This is my story.

We need each other
2020 has been a year of planting a lot of seeds with all you Mums in mind. RecruitMum is a young business, and it’s just me at the helm (if you didn’t know already, you know now). There is still a lot to do in building trust with employers and marketing this wonderful group of talented women. And we need each other more than ever.

Coming soon…
In a week or two, I will be sending a link for you to activate your online account to build your career profile with all the proven experience you’ve built up over the years. Even if you have registered with RecruitMum before, I kindly ask you to register again. You’ll be able to connect with a specific talent pool (i.e. marketing, accounting, administration) while providing answers to your years of experience, industry qualifications, licenses & accreditations, etc) This will mean we can connect you to the right roles faster and easier!

We’re an untapped workforce ready to empower change!
I truly believe Covid-19 came to shake all of us up in varying ways. It has forced employers to think differently about how and where their employees work best. And with you all in my corner, I hope we can create more sustainable working conditions to cement some of these exciting and well overdue changes!

Our voices amplified

Let’s do this together! All in, say “aye”.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. I will be in touch soon with the link to activate your space to connect to the jobs you want!

Nga Mihi,
Clare Russell