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Here’s to You! Good Moves Monday for Mums


Kia ora!

Welcome to your Good Moves Monday! It’s out with Good News and IN with recommended Good Moves instead! So, as a welcome back from me, here’s some good info to consider to help you make some good moves in your career in 2022!

Good Moves Monday

Fastest Growing Industries/Jobs

The peaks and troughs of managing a career in these times can feel exhausting – it’s a feeling we all share; and for industry its no different. Some of the fastest growing industries and jobs in our bigger cities are:

Manufacturing, transport and logistics (up 14.5%) – jobs include Operations Supervisors, Delivery Agents and Processing Officers
Healthcare and Medical (up 16.9%) – jobs include Aged Care Nurses and Mental Health Professionals
Hospitality and Tourism (down 2.6%) – yet increase in jobs including Laundry Assistants and Kitchen Hands
If any of these sound interesting, consider how your current skills and experience might be a match, not just for these jobs detailed, but for other roles in these industries as well.

Making a Confident Career Change

Looking for a career change? 40% of Kiwis are looking to make a change in their careers according to a Seek conducted study, while 30% plan on making a change in the next few years.

What motivates a career change is different for us all.

  • 40% are motivated by increased earning potential
  • Followed closely by feeling more fulfilled
  • While that ‘work-life-balance’ is also a huge priority

The beauty of a career change is the opportunity to step up and outside your comfort zone, learn something new and grow. For in doing so, we teach our brain to create new neural pathways, ultimately sparking and growing different parts of our brain that are wired for learning. In seeking a career change, the three key things you should think about when considering job-fit for you are:

  • Will it fit with my personality?
  • Will it interest me?
  • Will it play to my strengths?

Career success comes in many shapes and forms, make sure your move is one that will bring you more happiness overall, otherwise why do it?!

Pros and Cons of Working-from-Home

In another Seek conducted study where 4,000 Kiwis were interviewed, 70% said they would like to work from home in future. However, like anything, there are the pros and cons of taking action. Here’s what was shared on the good and the bad of WFH:


  • More optimism was felt about their jobs
  • Better flexibility was achieved
  • Extra time with family was experienced
  • Increased ability to moderate own workload


  • 30% missed human interaction
  • TV and the call of chores was a road-block in regard to focus
  • 40% found it harder to switch off while at home
  • 30% distracted by the kids
  • People felt they worked longer hours and took on more tasks

2022 is set to evolve the way we work yet again. While we adjust and become better accustomed to new ways of working, we will also find balance with some of the more traditional ways too. The key in these times, is to keep learning, keep questioning and being curious – ask why, for who, how, when and where, when it comes to performing your job and living with a sense of purpose and direction.

Till next time,

Data sources: seek.co.nz