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Our Story

Kia ora, I’m Clare, I’m a Mum to Mila, aged 10, and Nixon, aged 8 years.

I started RecruitMum in 2019 after becoming frustrated by the lack of part-time job opportunities for Mums returning to work. Despite a lengthy search, I could not find an employment service dedicated to helping parents find the kind of jobs they could balance with raising a family.

So, I set out to create a different kind of recruitment model, one that would be a one-stop-shop for part-time, flexible, and school hours-based opportunities, attractive to Mums. For employers, it was to deliver an untapped, experienced & proven talent force, while making hiring easy, targeted, and meaningful!

Clare Russell | RecruitMum

Championing Mums

To be successful, our mission needed to be about more than sourcing jobs and candidates. It would mean shifting the dial within New Zealand businesses. We help employers recognise the value that talented, highly motivated Mums can bring to business and industry, and how to design jobs and workplaces with Mums in mind.

RecruitMum is a social enterprise because our mission is bigger than recruitment. We understand that helping Mums build skills, confidence, and financial security, by finding their place in the workforce, nourishes families and creates better communities.

I’m passionate about removing barriers to employment so that Mums can continue to develop their careers alongside raising children. Our services are affordable and our role as advocators and influencers is central to our recruitment philosophy.

Our purpose in improving Mother’s careers over the long term drives our social impact as a social enterprise.

What we do

We provide support for employers at all stages of the recruitment process and have a pipeline of talented, job-ready Mums.

We help Mums shine by going beyond job matching to provide career guidance, support with CV’s and interview skills. We love nothing more than celebrating our Mums when their journey with us leads to their ideal job.

Whether you’re a Mum seeking employment or an employer wanting to recruit, book your free recruitment assessment with Clare today or call to discuss your career needs.