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Guest Blog: Why employing staff to #workschoolhours will ultimately improve your profit and your people

Guest Blog by Dr. Ellen Joan Nelson Why employing staff during school hours will improve staff retention, productivity, innovation, inclusion and diversity, staff well-being and ultimately, profits. Following my PhD research, which focused on the experiences of women in the workplace, I conducted an unintentional, further, research project focusing on the experiences of working parents, […]

Here’s to You! Good Moves Monday for Mums

GOOD MOVES MONDAY FOR MUMS! Kia ora! Welcome to your Good Moves Monday! It’s out with Good News and IN with recommended Good Moves instead! So, as a welcome back from me, here’s some good info to consider to help you make some good moves in your career in 2022! Good Moves Monday Fastest Growing […]

Personal Spot-light Story: A rural career, Covid-19 and a move into the trades

The last two years of the pandemic, have presented multiple new opportunities for both candidates and industry – women in particular have reconsidered careers out of necessity looking a little outside the traditional box of female careers. I stumbled across Emily (online) from NZ Custom Trees, who has recently moved into a new job working […]

7 simple tips on putting purpose back into your week

Good News Monday 7 Hot Tips to Get Through Each Day of Your Week   Monday | Mane Make your bed Experts suggest that the small effort of making your bed each day (or at least the start of the week) can greatly improve your productivity for the rest of the day by setting the […]

Why hiring women into the Trades makes good business and social sense

In June this year, the Trade Careers Insights Report was released by CoGo with some real value-adding results. The report was completed by both Women and Employers throughout New Zealand. You can download the full report here. WOMEN Participant Profiles (as a majority) – On Geo-location 30% were from Auckland 14% were from Wellington 13% […]

Need a slick CV? Have us design one for you!

Did you know RecruitMum can design a CV for you? Your CV is the very first judgement call (and I’m afraid it is a judgement) that an employer, recruiter, or hiring manager will make on you and your career experience. Unlike a more friendly, human, and face-to-face impression we get to make with someone we […]

Choose-days Talent by RecruitMum, Jul 2021

Kia ora! It’s been a while since we’ve brought you our Choose-days Talent issue and as we’re kinda back in a candidate short market again, I thought it was owed some limelight! Here are three top candidates currently seeking part-time work in Auckland… Katy – Business Manager/”Jack of all Trades” (Central Auckland based – has […]

Jump in women in precarious employment (Radio NZ) – June 2021

More women are working in precarious jobs – leaving them vulnerable to a sudden loss of income. Official figures show in the last year there’s been a jump in the number of women in casual, fixed-term or temporary roles. Here’s social issues reporter Sarah Robson. View article here (Subscription required to view full story) Listen […]

Guest Blog – How Well Do You Reboard Your Employees?

How Well Do You Reboard Your Employees? You have probably heard the term “onboarding” in terms of managing the experience for employees when they first join your organisation. Someone who is in charge of making sure they have a desk, chair, computer, introducing them to everyone, and most importantly ensuring they know the best local […]

Guest Blog – Amanda’s Story

Photo: Amanda and her son Joshie Hi. I’m Amanda. I’m Mumma to 2-year old Joshua (we call him Joshie), wife to Gareth, and cat Mumma to Poppy. We live in Papakura, New Zealand. It’s almost as far South in Auckland as you can get and still call it Auckland. We’re surrounded by native bush, Kereru […]