How We Work

We remove the pain points of recruitment to help you secure talent into your organization that fits like a glove. We’ll do it in a way that best suits your immediate and long-term needs. It may be a targeted, bespoke advertising campaign, or a direct hire from the talent in our RecruitMum community.

Securing Mumazing talent that fuels a family, gets the job done with efficiency, and adds diversity into your team, is our vision!

Follow Our Easy 4-Step Process

  1. Choose one of our three recruitment plans (invest with social impact in mind)
  2. Complete our job/talent audit (discover what ‘candidate-fit’ looks like for you)
  3. Source & selection starts (services provided dependent on your plan)
  4. Offer & acceptance – your best-fit person hired!

Or, just need someone to write a really good job ad, marketing it to various job boards & social channels?
We can help with that too! See ‘View our Plans‘ for support by the hour.

By hiring with RecruitMum™ you’re spreading good in the world, creating a positive long-term social impact. Will you help us?

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” (Max Lucado).

Book a free recruitment assessment with Clare or contact us to discuss an approach that works for your business.

Let’s make a big difference by working together to support Mums.